Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Debunking Planned Parenthood's Propaganda

Care. No matter what.

That is Planned Parenthood's latest slogan. It begs the question, though: What kind of care is Planned Parenthood talking about? You can care for a lot of things. You can care for people: Woman's health, humanitarian aid, government subsidized healthcare that can make care affordable for even the poorest in the community. Or, you can care about Money and Gain: Immense profit, no matter what the cost to society;  monopolizing the abortion industry; finding ways to make more income . . . even if those ways would be considered unconventional, illegal, or evil. Or maybe it's your appearance you are the most concerned about: A shiny veneer of Woman's Rights and Freedom to Choose as you dodge calling your service what it is--abortion. Less controversial that way. Less deprecating.

So what kind of care is Planned Parenthood driven by? They would, of course, say option number one. They care for people! But what you say is oftentimes meaningless. It's your actions and the fruit they produce that define you, not the words you say about yourself. So let's take a look at some of the things Planned Parenthood claims about themselves and see if their actions back them up.

Being "pro-choice" suggests that you evenly expose all options for a woman's unwanted pregnancy. However, you are 160 times more likely to have an abortion than be referred for adoption if you visit Planned Parenthood. This testimony of an atheist woman shows very clearly the priorities of Planned Parenthood. They are pro-abortion, not pro-choice.

Ultrasounds and Prenatal Care
Along those same lines, Planned Parenthood claims extravagantly that they are vital to women because of not only the option to terminate their pregnancy, but to receive prenatal and ultrasound care if the woman decides to keep her pregnancy. This is the fair and balanced approach Planned Parenthood claims to have. Their name even suggests it! However, two investigations by Live Action showed that only 5 out of 97 Planned Parenthood clinics contacted around the nation offered prenatal care, and that only 3 of 68 Planned Parenthood clinics contacted offered ultrasounds to check on the health of the baby, rather than to abort it. You can view those revealing investigations by clicking these links: Prenatal Care Ultrasounds

3% of our services are abortions
This is a desperate "cooking of the books" statistic that is completely false. A left-leaning news blog like Slate called it "The most meaningless abortion statistic ever" and the Washington Post's fact-checker gave this statistic "three Pinocchios". It is completely false.

So how did Planned Parenthood come up with such a wildly distorted stat, and why? Watch this helpful video to find out. Like the video points out, to be a business whose greatest income is abortion would create a huge public relations problem for Planned Parenthood, so they found a way to make abortion look relatively small--despite the fact that they provide 30% of our nations abortions every year. They divided abortions by the amount of so called "services" which they self-described as a "discreet clinical interaction". So, for instance, they would count administering a pregnancy test as a service--the same pregnancy test they offer to woman to confirm their pregnancy before terminating it. Counting such miniscule services like a pregnancy test or STI test as equal to a much larger and more costly procedure like an abortion is clearly dumb math. It would be like if Burger King claimed that burgers were only 3% of what they offered--by counting each fry and ketchup package as equal to a burger.

PAP Tests and Breast Exams
Planned Parenthood does not have an essential part in administering these services like they claim. They provide only 0.97% of PAP Tests and 1.8% of Breast Exams nation-wide. America would clearly do just fine without them in these regards.

Washington's Post's Fact Checker found the claim that Planned Parenthood provides Mammograms completely bogus and worthy of three more long Pinocchio noses.

As far as their PAP Tests (cervical cancer screenings) go, this may be Planned Parenthood's greatest claim that they provide vital services other than abortion. They claim to do as many PAP exams as abortions. However, a PAP Test is a routine procedure that can be had for free or at a very low cost thanks to the National Breat and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program. Again, Planned Parenthood provides a tiny fraction of the PAP Tests around the country. Even if they were to go completely out of business, we wouldn't have some huge cancer crisis on our hands. The few patients comparatively speaking that they see for cervical cancer exams would be easily absorbed into other state health care providers.

I hope this information has helped give you a foundation to base your own study of Planned Parenthood off of. It's time we refuse to accept claims by Planned Parenthood at face value and do a little fact checking of our own. It wouldn't be advantageous for Planned Parenthood to say, "Abortion. No matter what", so they've chosen instead to hide behind the false claim of "Care. No matter what." It's time to hold them accountable to their claims. It's time that we force them to discard all their misleading propaganda and be upfront in what they are really all about: Abortion.