Monday, April 3, 2017

Planned Parenthood: A Real Life Dystopian Regime?

Have you ever read a dystopian tale? If you have, than you will know that central to any Dystopia is a regime that offers a perfect society to the protagonists--but is in reality weaving a terrible web of lies and destruction. In these Dystopians, society isn't helped. Instead, it is de-humanized and oppressed. The regime rules securely, because either the public is unaware that they are being deceived or are unwilling to risk their safety to stand against the lies.

But then a tiny handful of heroic characters dare to stand, like Jonas from the Giver or Katniss from the Hunger Games, and expose the lies of the regime. And the world is shook to its core. It's because of the courage of the few in the face of overwhelming odds that I love a good Dystopian story. They inspire me to stand strong against the lies in my own world.

And's it's because of the courage of a few in my own world that I bring you this article today to get the facts out about a regime that demands our attention, a regime that demands we take a stand against.

Planned Parenthood.

In 2015, the Center for Medical Progress exposed a practice of Planned Parenthood's to rival the most dreadful of Dystopia ideas: Planned Parenthood was selling aborted babys' organs for profit. Their undercover videos are abundantly clear about this. Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood's Senior Director of Medical Services, specifically talks about the high demand of hearts and livers, and how abortion doctors use ultrasound-guided "procedures" to make sure they don't damage these sought after parts as they extract the baby they just killed. This and many other videos, which can be found on CMP's website, should chill us to the bone.

They are very clearly talking about human organs here, people. It's not "fetal tissue" being discussed, but human body parts. Planned Parenthood should have been immediately closed down and prosecuted. At the very least they should have been defunded by the government!

Instead? Planned Parenthood continues to have widespread support and is given about $500,000,000 annually in government grants. What is more, David Daleiden and Sandra Merrit, the journalists who exposed this inhumane brutality, have just been charged with fifteen felonies.

Planned Parenthood has become a practiced expert in deceit. They can dodge each shocking reveal about their atrocities with practiced ease because of the incredible network of propaganda they have built around themselves. Propaganda, though, is easily combatted if we are willing to actually do the hard work of pursuing truth, like any good journalist or involved citizen should be doing (and not being charged fifteen felonies for). That work has been done; the truth is out there about Planned Parenthood. We just need to share it, to do our part to expose Planned Parenthood. Decency demands we act and give voice to the defenseless who cannot speak for themselves in their mother's womb. We can no longer claim the safety of the sideline in this struggle to save these tiny babies from being cut into pieces. Let's speak out!

And when we do, Maybe--just maybe--America will regain it's conscience again. We have before. Once in our history, 4 million African Americans were held in bondage and treated as sub-human. It took us nearly two hundred years, but slavery was abolished throughout our land. As I have studied American History recently, I was shocked to realize that abortion is approaching or at its own two-hundredth birthday in our nation. It has claimed untold millions of lives, making the 4 million slaves held in bondage--but at least allowed to live--a comparatively piddling statistic. It's more than time for abortion to be abolished. And what's more, I believe we will be the generation that sees an end to abortion in America, if we are faithful to stand for the unborn.

Look for a post tomorrow that will combat each facet of Planned Parenthood's propaganda with fact-checking truths. May it help you in your fight to stand for truth and for the unborn!